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PFA's 2020 conference is virtual!  Join us for this highly engaging program, meet with valuable partners and do so from the comfort of your home or office!  We've created a discount code to exhibit as well as for the education so watch your emails!

Session Time Description
Opening, Welcome & Orientation 10:00 Join us for our virtual conference kick-off.  We'll welcome all our fraternal members and thank supporters.  We'll also give you a short overview of the site and all the features you can find inside!
The Future of Membership 10:30 Today, the competition is cutthroat and membership as a commodity holds little value. As a result, associations are challenged more than ever before to retain membership, market to prospective members, and raise revenue.

While the spotlight has been on Gen Y/ Millennials for several years, Z is about to step into the limelight, and they are nothing like their Millennial elders. Undoubtedly, their arrival will create another wave of change.

Generation Y has come of age alongside a major economic recession, digital innovation, and political revolution. Defined by change, they have different values and contrasting views on what comprises a relevant and meaningful employee experience. Interesting enough, these changes have not only defined Generation Y – they have redefined the values and expectations of every generation.

Meet Gen Z. They didn’t experience the typical childhood. The first generation of the 21st century came of age during the most disruptive decade of the last century.  Born 1996-2009, Gen Z’s arrival marks the end of clearly defined roles, traditions and experiences. Zs are more cautious and pragmatic, but they are also inspired to change the world – and chances are, they will. After all, Zs have been taught the skills to successfully defy the norm.

Rather than negotiate and haggle your way back to the top using traditional methods, learn revolutionary membership models to put your association on the fortune-making fast-track. These concepts will help Future-Proof your association by building a sustainable, prosperous, next generation association that will corner the marketplace and keep members coming back for more.

Primary focus of the presentation may include one or more of the following key deliverables:
• Prove your association’s value and provide must-have membership;
• Eliminate the competition and corner the market;
• Determine which membership model provides the most income potential;
• Measure the value of, and demand for, your association’s membership benefits;
• Understand the driving factors that shaped the next generation of members;
• Introduce new concepts that are relevant to Ys and Zs without alienating the rest of your membership;
• Engage and retain your future ambassadors and leaders;
• How to become a future-focused Next Generation Association.
Lunch / Associate Member Visits 11:30 Visit our associate members
10 Habits for High-Performing Board  01:00 When boards fall short in performance, or when confronted by board dysfunction, a first default is often to target people who make up the Board and senior staff. However, often the problem lies not in the people, but in the underlying culture. Cultures can – and need to – be examined, managed and cultivated. While a daunting task that takes perseverance, championing and time, any board can set a course toward becoming a high-performing board. So, what does a high-performing board look like? This session explores the top 10 cultural markers of a high-performing board and provides tools for your board to assess against those markers. The session is interactive and discussion-based and culminates with a take-back-to-the-Board-Room tool to allow your Board to assess its own effectiveness.
Learning Outcomes
Understanding traits of high-performing boards
Review pitfalls that may affect board performance
Explore ten markers to assess board performance
“Taking Stock: Where Are We Now?” — Assessing the resources PFA leaders need not just to survive, but to thrive in times of significant change. 02:00 Leaders around the world have been scrambling to adjust in response to the uncertainty of the global pandemic. But what is the right balance between meeting the immediate situation and planning for the long-term? In this session, participants will review data from across the nonprofit sector on the impact of COVID-19, assess the health of their own organization across several dimensions, and discuss practical tools for adapting, pivoting, and prioritizing in times of internal or external change.
Associate Member Visits 03:00 Visit our associate members
Higher Ed Trends - 2020 and Moving Forward 03:30 Prior to COVID-19, higher education was facing both demographic and demand financial threats.  COVID-19 has exponentially accelerated the damage to higher education.  What schools are more likely to close or merge?  How can you prioritize work for your organization in this area? This workshop will review what is happening in higher education and offer recommendations for strategic responses tailored for professional fraternal organizations.  
Implementation and Practice in Harm Reduction 04:30 Join us for two 30 minute sessions presented separately by Holmes Murphy and Favor and Co as they discuss resources for implementation of Harm Reduction practices at the Chapter and Volunteer levels
Associate Member Visits 05:30 Visit our associate members one last time before our final session.  Its your last opportunity to 'win' prizes!
Cancel Culture: The harmful effects on those canceled, those who fear being canceled, and the canceled, and what you can do about it  06:00 What is 'cancel culture' and why does it matter for those who work in higher education?  This workshop will provide an overview of cancel culture and the detrimental effects on all involved -- not just those who are 'canceled.'