The Professional Fraternity Association’s mission is to be the trusted resource for educating and serving our members.  

PFA 2022, 3-5 Year Strategic Plan 

Based on PFA Fraternal and Associate member feedback, industry trends, and internal analytics, the following three strategic pillars were identified to continue to move PFA forward. The plan clarifies objectives and ownership of tasks to ensure traction over the next 3-5 years. 

PFA’s Strategic Plan aligns the PFA mission - “PFA will strive to foster stronger & more consistent engagement that results in awareness of the value provided and of the needs of our members have, empowering us to deliver more relevant resources and education” - with an executing vision, PFA will:  

  • Foster a Learning Community that creates stronger & more consistent engagement among our members 
  • Establish a Feedback Learning Loop for continuous improvement through gaining regular insights of the needs of our members, fostering more awareness of the value PFA provides, and promoting the sharing of trends 
  • Deliver more relevant resources and education to our members, supported by our Feedback Learning Loop 

PFA’s three primary pillars/goals support each other and overlap to achieve the mission of the organization.