How to Join as an Associate Member 

Membership in PFA is by fraternal organization and associated businesses. Business members are referred to as Associate Members. 

Member Benefits 

  • Opportunities to network & build relationships with other PFA associate members 
  • Exclusive access to exhibiting at the Annual Convention 
  • Opportunities to sponsor PFA fraternal member programming 
  • Opportunity to be a mentor and/or mentee to professionals in the field 
  • Access to data that informs industry trends and standards 

Associate membership is granted to people, partnerships, or corporations that furnish equipment, supplies, or services to member fraternities, subject to approval by the Executive Director. Associate members enjoy all privileges of membership, with exception of voting and holding of elective office. An Associate Member Liaison, however, is a member of the Board of Directors. 

Membership Dues - $300 

PFA membership dues are sent out on an annual rolling basis.  

Prospective associate members - never having joined PFA previously - are encouraged to complete the associate membership form here.

If you are unsure of your organizations' past membership, please reach out to [email protected].