How To Join as a Fraternal Member

Membership in PFA is by fraternal organization and associated businesses. Business members are referred to as Associate Members.

To be eligible for Fraternal membership, a fraternity must be national or international in character and shall charter its institutional chapters only at appropriately accredited colleges, universities, or professional schools. The fraternity shall be identified by, or related to a field of study or common interest. Member fraternities may also initiate members of other fraternities. A national fraternity is, by definition, one having at least two chapters in a single nation. An international fraternity is, by definition, one having at least one chapter in different nations.

Member Benefits

  • Opportunities to network relationships with other PFA members
  • Opportunities to network & build relationships with a robust list of PFA associate members
  • Educational programs including webinars, Annual Convention, etc.
  • Online resources for members and other personnel within your organization
  • Opportunity to be a mentor and/or mentee to professionals in the field
  • Access to data that informs industry trends

Fraternal Membership Process

The process outlined below is for prospective fraternal members - never having joined PFA previously. If you are unsure of your organizations' past membership, please reach out [email protected].

  • Complete the application here. Please have ready a copy of your Constitution & Bylaws
  • The completed application will be shared with the Fraternal membership for a majority vote
  • Staff will reach out to the petition contact if they have further questions and/or to notify of the organization's membership status.

Membership Dues - $300

PFA membership dues are sent out on an annual rolling basis.

Questions should be directed to [email protected]